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CD - Time is Running Out by Heartchuu
CD - Time is Running Out
 :bulletyellow: Etoile :bulletyellow:

Done for the new event at Circus-Darkrai, where all of the performers' backfires are starting to set in due to the absence of the ringmaster who keeps them in check.

For poor Jerrie, this means that she's finding herself randomly flickering in and out of null time, never knowing if she will remain stuck in a timeless realm for eternity or for some much smaller number of minutes. It doesn't help that she's developed a hatred for the silence that fills null time, the complete lack of sound driving her towards insanity the longer she's forced to endure it. Expect this Klefki to be on edge and cranky for the entirety of the event, especially since this is cutting into her sleep.

Heartchuu // Kaden and Tesla //
    IC Wishlist
    1. A new video game for Kaden. Kaden takes interest in video games and always enjoys getting a new one to try his hand at.
    2. A new sparring partner for Kaden. Kaden is still a martial artist and needs his practice, so a volunteer for him to train with would put a smile on his face.
    3. New clothes for Tesla. Being rather new to a girl's life, Tesla has little variety in her wardrobe, so more clothes (especially winter clothes at the time) would put a smile on her face.

    OOC Wishlist
    4. Another day as a girl for Kaden. He...had a lot of fun on the day his wish kinda backfired, and he wouldn't mind being able to experience another day. He'd never admit this ICly, though.
    5. A girlfriend for Tesla. Too shy to actually ask for one ICly, but she'd love to have one.

Okay, so this is a journal aimed towards members of PKMN-Armonia and StMortiel, as this is a fun little project I'm kinda interested in looking into.

So for those who don't know, I tend to host gameplay streams on my Twitch channel every now and then, usually when I have a free moment and want to have some fun with games and friends. To help supplement this experience, I'm in the process of considering a 3DS capture card and a copy of Tomodachi Life for future streams. For anyone who is not familiar with this game, think of it as a sort of life simulator where you look after an apartment of Miis and tend to their needs and requests, but it's also Japanese as heck and can be very unpredictable as a result.

That all said, if I do get the capture card and TL, I'm thinking of making all of the characters students and/or teachers from Armonia and StM, which means there would be a chance to see all of them in wacky settings and even getting themselves into wacky ships (sadly no same-gender ships tho). So my question is if anyone would be really interested in seeing such a series of streams and would be willing to volunteer characters for it? I probably won't do this if there isn't a significant amount of support, however. In addition, aside from maybe asking for people to share a general Mii design and general details with me, I'd mostly be making guesses on everything else (i.e. a character's catchphrases, room, and clothing choices) and making corrections if prompted, so it'll be a pretty loose stream series controlled just as much by the audience as it would be by me (excluding ships and relationships; it's very hard to control those in TL).

Leave your thoughts below, and even if this ship doesn't sail, I'll come up with more ideas to go with a 3DS capture unit.
StM Application - Tesla Miranti by Heartchuu
StM Application - Tesla Miranti
Yesssss she's finally done. My newest character and I love her already.


:bulletpink: Name: Tesla Miranti

:bulletpink: Age/Birthday: 17 / August 5

:bulletpink: Gender: Transgender (born Male)

:bulletpink: Pokémon (#---): Audino (#531)

:bulletpink: Ability: Regenerator - Restores up to 33.3% of HP when switching out

:bulletpink: Nature/Summary Characteristic: Timid/Impetuous and silly

:bulletpink: Height: 5’04” / 1.62 m

:bulletpink: Weight: 107.3 lbs. / 48.7 kg

:bulletpink: Type 1: Normal

:bulletpink: Type 2: N/A

:bulletpink: Hometown: Solaceon Town (originally from Lumiose City)

:bulletpink: Personality: Tesla is a timid girl with a heart of gold. Having spent most of her life isolated from others, she prefers the company of others and enjoys being with people who treat her kindly. She often returns such kindness twofold, thought she often keeps a physical distance out of fear of being discovered. Although she is not ashamed of her gender, she fears being identified as a biological male and being outcasted for it. She grows very nervous around people who would stun her for this reason, though she will also be timid around those whom she has only just met and she hasn’t warmed up to. She is also fast to get discouraged if people devalue her or her work, but a compliment usually restores her good cheer quickly.

:bulletpink: History: Tesla Miranti, born Teslin Schryer, was the son of a rich, iron-fisted entrepreneur and his compassionate wife. His father, who was the president of a successful and influential business firm, was elated to have a son and immediately invested in getting him the best education possible to start grooming him as a heir. Sheltered from the rest of the world with only private tutors and his parents to keep him company, Teslin found himself growing more and more depressed, desiring to see the world beyond the walls of his home. He would find some solace reading literature and poetry from the family’s private library, taking a great interest in fantasy that would take him to far-off places; he was often discouraged from reading such novels by his father, however, who considered such fantasies as distracting and unimportant in everyday life. In addition, Teslin found himself feeling more and more uncomfortable with...well, himself. Something always felt off about his father dressing him in a child-sized tux, about the many toys he was given to try and alleviate the boredom he expressed, and about...just the way he perceived himself.

One Saturday, when his father was out of the house on business and his tutors were gone for the weekend, Teslin was exploring the house when he found a half-open door, one that was usually locked. Peeking inside, Teslin saw his mother inside what appeared to be another child’s bedroom, except the toys and outfits all seemed to imply that a girl stayed here. Confused, Teslin stepped inside and confronted his mother, and although she was startled and hesitant, she quietly told him about the sister he never knew, who died in an accident before Teslin was born. The mother often visited the room to remember the daughter that she loved dearly, despite how her husband distanced himself from them due to his desire for a male heir. Teslin was saddened by this story, but he couldn’t help but remain fixated upon the items around the room and how they seemed...more fun to play with and to wear.

A few weeks later, Teslin was still curious upon the toys and clothing he saw in that room, and he made a decision to get back into that room unnoticed. Whenever his father and tutors were gone and his mother was elsewhere in the house, Teslin would steal the key from its hiding place and secretly enter the room. Once inside, he would change out of his tux and into one of the cuter dresses that had caught his attention and then play with the toys in the room. Teslin found himself having more fun and feeling more comfortable with these toys and clothes than anything his father ever got for him. After playing for an hour or two, Teslin would switch back to his tux and leave everything the way he found it to avoid suspicion.

After a month of weekly play sessions in this room, Teslin was caught by his mother after she noticed the key to the bedroom missing. Embarrassed and now ashamed to be caught in the clothes of his late sister, Teslin immediately started to change out of the dress, apologizing and asking his mother not to punish her. His mother was silent for a while, but to Teslin’s surprise, she instead asked him if he really liked wearing the girl clothes and playing with these toys. When Teslin hesitantly admitted to it, his mother then asked if he would like to try on more clothes and if he would be willing to try some other things as well. Teslin was confused by his mother’s offer, but he agreed, feeling excited about the support his mother was giving him.

Over the next couple of years, Teslin tried on many more outfits, including dresses, skirts, blouses, and other girly fashions and loving many of them. In addition, Teslin allowed his mother to help brush and style his hair and treat him like the daughter she lost, and both of them found happiness in these activities.  With his mother’s support, he continued to read fantasy books in the safety of the private room. After a while, Teslin began to write his own stories for his mother to read, and as a fan of literature herself, she gave Teslin positive feedback and encouraged him to continue doing what he loved. Teslin was much happier living such a life as this, the depression caused by his father’s desires all but evaporating. They were careful to keep these private times unknown to Teslin’s father, however, knowing that he would be furious if he were to find out.

Despite the care they took to avoid detection, Teslin and his mother were discovered one day when his father came home early after a good business deal. Catching his son wearing a dress and reading one of his written stories to his mother, his father furiously pulled the dress off of the boy, sternly yelling that no heir to his company should indulge in such outrageous behavior as this. Teslin cowered away a bit as his mother and father then began to argue. His father accused her of trying to corrupt their son while the mother defended her position and Teslin, saying that he should be able to live the life he wants to live even if it isn’t the life his father wants him to have. In anger, the father struck her, affirming that Teslin was no replacement for their lost daughter and that she would not be allowed near Teslin anymore. Having rushed to his mother’s side after she was hit, Teslin lost his nerve after this, now joining in on the argument and yelling how much happier he has been with his mother, wearing girly clothes and being allowed to do the things he wants to do. Teslin then let it off his chest, something he had been certain about for a while now, that he was much happier as a girl and wished that he had been born one instead. Infuriated by his son’s outburst, the father proceeded to beat the son as well, only stopping when the mother dived on top of Teslin to protect him. Deciding that he had made his point, he gave them a final warning and left the room, making sure to tear up the son’s story as he left.

The next month was strained between Teslin and his father, the latter keeping a closer watch over Teslin and making sure that the boy had no chance to diverge from his intentions. His mother was kept locked in a separate wing of the manor, only allowed to see the servants and the father and not allowed anywhere near Teslin. Misery set in once again as Teslin was forced to please his father, and he slowly began to lose hope for that glimpse of a brighter future for himself. At the end of the month, however, a surprise turned his life around when his mother filed for both a divorce and custody of him. Despite the father’s protests and the best lawyers he could afford, the courts ruled in favor of Teslin’s mother, and with half of the family fortune and her son, she moved to Solaceon Town.

Now safe in the quiet Sinnoh town, Teslin and his mother quickly settled down and resumed their activities from before their long separation. Teslin was given everything he could ever want to pursue his loves and interests, including his own wardrobe of cute clothes, including undergarments. Having expressed his desire to live life as a girl, Teslin was offered a way to change his gender by his mother, and he accepted it. Hormone therapy started a week later, and Teslin became Tesla, as far as she and her mother were concerned. However, her mother still desired a quality education for Tesla and for her to make some friends. Thus did she look for a place where Tesla would be safe from people who might detest her for her gender and especially from her father. Realizing that the prestigious St. Mortiel Academy was just a city away, Tesla’s mother wasted no time in applying her daughter for enrollment.

:bulletpink: Level: 26

:bulletpink: Learned Moves:
Last Resort
Play Nice
Helping Hand
Double Slap
Secret Power

:bulletpink: TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves: None

:bulletpink: School Schedule: Pre-Calculus, Physics II, Sociology, Spanish IV, Literature and Composition II, Music and World Cultures, P.E. & Health IV, Accounting, Religious Studies, Battle

:bulletpink: Extra Curricular Activities: Book Club

:bulletpink: Extras/Fun Facts:

  • Tesla adores writing stories about dragons and magic, usually focusing on exploring a huge world that peaks the imagination. Her goal is to one day publish a story that will win an award.
  • Tesla only talks about her gender if asked by someone, and usually only if she believes that she can trust them. Otherwise, she will lie and say that she has been a girl for all of her life (which in a sense would be true).
  • Tesla took voice lessons after her move to Solaceon Town, allowing her to speak with a female voice most of the time and to swap between it and her male voice at will; she tries to avoid using her male voice, however, to avoid exposing herself.
  • Tesla is terrified by her father and suffers from flashbacks if anything should remind her of the night when he beat her and her mother. During such triggers, she experiences a small shutdown and sometimes needs to be snapped out of it.

The ONLY Rule: The owner MUST answer these questions in character

Circus Darkrai Application - Jerrie Keys by Heartchuu

1.) What is your name?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Jerrie Keys, though I would think that you should know that already..."

2.) Do you know why you were named that?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "How the hell should I know? I never asked my mother why she called me Jerrie. Maybe I had a relative named Jerry or something?"

3.) Are you single or taken?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Single and non-caring."

4.) Have any abilities or powers?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Aside from my thievery skills? Well, there's always the fact that time will stop for me when I need it, but it's not something I have actual control over. Nor something I even WANT to do."

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue!

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Who the hell is Mary-Sue, and why should I stop being her?"

6.) What's your eye color?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "White pupils, otherwise black. Can't you see that?"

7.) How about hair color?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Metallic silver. What are you, blind?"

8.) Have you any family members?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "A mother and a father, but I haven't seen them in maybe five years. And I don't really care if I never see them again."

9.) Oh? How about pets?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "No. Pets are always so needy and expensive to keep, so I'd rather not bother with one."

10.) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "I absolutely despite stubborn locks. All I want is to open a door or a safe or a box of death, and the last thing I need is some stupid tumbler sticking or not staying in place."

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Aside from taking coins from people who don't need them? Hm...I guess I read a bit...hell, maybe I should find a hobby of some sort..."

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "I have. Hell if I value someone else's safety over my own freedom."

13.) Ever...killed anyone before?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "No. I have SOME standards, mind you."

14.) What kind of animal are you?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Would you really call a living key ring an animal?"

15.) Name your worst habits?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "I've been told that my worst habit is flying off the handle, but people can go mind their own damn business."

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Nope. Not a single person."

17.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "None of the above. I hate everyone equally, except some more than others."

18.) Do you go to school?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Yes, but I eventually dropped for...complicated reasons. And no, I won't say what they are."

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Not a chance. Spouses are dumb, and kids are more needy and annoying than pets."

20.) Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Hell if I know. What kind of person would admire someone like me?"

21.) What are you most afraid of?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "That fucking time stop realm. I would never wish upon anyone else, no matter how much they piss me off."

22.) Okay... What do you usually wear?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "While I despise them, I wear dresses because I don't have anything else."

23.) What's one food that tempts you?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Chocolate cake, but don't think that I'll do whatever you want just because you give me a slice."

24.) Am I annoying you?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Oh, no, of course not! There's just other, much more productive things I'd rather be doing. All of them not involving you."

25.) Well, it's still not over!

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu >:(

26.) What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "I've been in low class all of my life, but oh, how nice it'd be to be in the middle class, if not higher."

27.) How many friends do you have?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "I don't make friends. Friends only serve to stab you in the back one day. I won't make that mistake, I didn't hear anything!"

28.) What are your thoughts on pie?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Never tried it. Desserts were a rare treat, and pie was never on the menu."

29.) Favorite drink?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "I guess I like tea. It's one of the few things that can calm me down once I get riled up."

30.) What's your favorite place?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Anywhere that I can get away from people."

31.) Are you interested in anyone~?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Nope. Not a soul."


CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Wha...okay, you've gotten me curious. Just what question is it that you don't want to ask?"

33.) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Neither. I'd rust."

34.) What's your type?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Steel and Fairy, but again, you REALLY should know that."

35.) Camping or indoors?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Indoors. Nature is too unforgiving."

36.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Oh, did you only now figure that out?"

37.) Well, it's over. Now tag some people!

CD - Jerrie RP Icon by Heartchuu "Thank Arceus. And fuck you, I'm going back to my cabin."
Heartchuu // Kaden and Tesla //
    IC Wishlist
    1. A new video game for Kaden. Kaden takes interest in video games and always enjoys getting a new one to try his hand at.
    2. A new sparring partner for Kaden. Kaden is still a martial artist and needs his practice, so a volunteer for him to train with would put a smile on his face.
    3. New clothes for Tesla. Being rather new to a girl's life, Tesla has little variety in her wardrobe, so more clothes (especially winter clothes at the time) would put a smile on her face.

    OOC Wishlist
    4. Another day as a girl for Kaden. He...had a lot of fun on the day his wish kinda backfired, and he wouldn't mind being able to experience another day. He'd never admit this ICly, though.
    5. A girlfriend for Tesla. Too shy to actually ask for one ICly, but she'd love to have one.


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