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Armonia Application - Sam Cabell by Heartchuu
Armonia Application - Sam Cabell
He's baaack~ And a bit more Pokemony.

Bullet; Black Name:
 Sam Cabell

Bullet; Pink Age: 22

Bullet; Yellow Gender: Genderless (Identifies as Male)

Bullet; Pink Pokémon: Porygon-Z

Bullet; Black Birthday: March 31 (Aries)

Bullet; Pink  Nature/Summary Characteristic: Modest / Strong willed

Bullet; YellowAbility: Download <Adjusts power based on an opposing Pokémon's stats.>

Bullet; Pink Level: 42

Bullet; Black Hometown: Celadon City

Bullet; Pink Height: 3'5"

Bullet; Yellow Weight:
 88.6 lbs.

Bullet; Pink Personality: Sam is a modest but friendly program. Although rather skilled, Sam has a tendency to underestimate or sell his potential short, though that's not to say that he doesn't take some pride in the work that he does. Sam extends this enthusiasm when around other people, taking pleasure in their company and showing them kindness in return. Sam is also strong-willed, rarely discouraged and sticking to a task or stance until all is said and done. Sam's enthusiasm is not limitless, however, and he is prone to the occasional bout of lethargy; Sam becomes lazy and lacks the mental energy to do much of anything, and his disposition becomes comparatively more depressing. Sam also has limited patience and can become quickly upset with people who keep him waiting.
Bullet; Black History: Sam was not born but programmed, created to be a beloved child to a pair of parents who could not have a child of their own. Raised with love, Sam had a relatively normal childhood, broken only by the odd cases brought about by his species. As a genderless Pokemon, Sam's gender identity was evaluated since an early age, and after some time it was determined that he identified himself as a male. His program nature also gave him a natural affinity for computers, desiring to learn about and work with them from early childhood. In turn, Sam developed a strong interest in computers and programming, soon deciding that it was what he will want to work with for the rest of his life. Moving through high school, Sam soon evolved into a Porygon2 and, after an accident involving a Dubious Disc, a Porygon-Z. Evolution gave the program more energy and passion for his hobby, but a trade-off with the second evolution was a sudden series of lethargic glitches that occasionally plagued him. Nevertheless, the program maintained a positive attitude and never lost sight of his dream. After graduation, he spent some time working a retail job in order to help save up money to kickstart his college experience, and once he and his parents had saved up enough for him to comfortably make his way through his first few years, he applied for Computer Science at Mirage College with hopes of becoming an expert at what he loves.

Bullet; Yellow Hobbies: Programming, reading, drawing, playing video games

Bullet; Pink Moveset:

Trick Room
Zap Cannon
Magic Coat
Conversion 2
Nasty Plot
Magnet Rise
Signal Beam

Double Team


Bullet; Black Favorite Flavor: Sweet

Bullet; Pink School:  Sciences

Bullet; Yellow Major:  Computer Science

Bullet; Pink House Affiliation: To be determined

Bullet; Black Badges: 
Bullet; White School Badge (Science)

Bullet; Pink Extra Info:
  • Sam usually carries around a USB stick which acts as a cyberjack for him. In other words, it allows him to directly connect his mind to any computer or network with USB ports available to access them. This gives Sam several advantages to browsing a system in the real world. For one, Sam would be piggybacking upon the speed of the computer's processor, allowing him to work at a greater speed. (To better explain this, think of it like how time passes in TRON: Legacy; 50 cycles, or years, in the computer world is equivalent to a year's time in the real world. By that logic, Sam can perform actions and tasks up to fifty times faster inside the computer than he can in the real world.) Being inside the computer also allows Sam to more directly access the files on the system, to test and debug his code on the fly, and to bypass securities and reach more restricted files with greater ease, although he tries to avoid accessing such files without good reason to be peeking through them. However, being within a computer system makes him much more vulernable to viruses and malware. In addition, because his body is 100% program and leaves no trace that he is accessing the system in the real world, it's possible for someone to carelessly disconnect the cyberjack he uses to enter the system and trap him inside until he finds either another cyberjack or his is plugged back into the computer.
  • As a collection of electrical signals, Sam is very vulnerable to magnets at close proximity. Should even something as small as a refridgerator magnet be attached to his head, his mind can get temporarily scrambled for as long as the magnet remains fixiated to his body. The most typical case is a reversal in gender identity, Sam believing himself to be a girl and wanting to do more girly things like wearing dresses and try makeup. Removal of the magnet will return Sam to normal after a few seconds, and although muddied, his memories of the identity swap will carry over.
CD - Ask Jerrie! by Heartchuu
CD - Ask Jerrie!
:bulletyellow: Etoile :bulletyellow:

"Just don't ask me anything stupid, alright?"

Yep, Jerrie's open for any questions you might have for the bitter key. Just don't be surprised if her answer is more snark than a straight-forward answer.

CD - Smoking Kills by Heartchuu
CD - Smoking Kills
:bulletyellow: Etoile :bulletyellow:

Whoops. Seems Jerrie might need a new secondary assistant. And maybe a fire extinguisher.

Decided to draw a comic because comics are actually fun to draw when I'm not stopping to line and color every panel.

Sequel to

CD - Silohouettes of Destruction and Rage by Heartchuu
CD - Silohouettes of Destruction and Rage
:bulletyellow: Etoile :bulletyellow:

"Whoever did this...

"I don't know if I want to shake their hands...


Jerrie as she discovers her sabotaged equipment in the Destruction Event for Circus-Darkrai.

It's probably worth noting that Jerrie isn't bothered by the vandalism itself. Hell, she really doesn't care if all this stuff gets destroyed and someone is badmouthing the circus and its ringmaster with graffiti. She'd enjoy the show under any other circumstances. What really has her riled is that this will all mean a lot more work for her. Work for an act that she is still expected to keep running despite all of this destruction. Work to salvage something and make it a splinter as exciting as before. Work that she will likely not have enough time for. Work that she will be forced into null time to accomplish. And that is why it will be a happy day for her if she ever gets her hands on whoever did all of this, assuming the ringmaster doesn't get to them first. Not that she cares who gets to them anymore, so long as the guilty are given just punishment for ruining her week.

StM - Kaden: Ascend by Heartchuu
StM - Kaden: Ascend
So yeah, got a bit goofy here and had Kaden fly off Homestuck-style. But hey, if you could fly, you'd probably do it the same way.

For the Murder/ghost event in St. Mortiel, if the fact that Kaden is a Golurk isn't a huge enough hint.

Flat colors (250) + Simple background(?) (50) + Animation (300) + Event (500) = 1100


Oh, yes, and before I forget. I'm heading on vacation for about a week. I leave for home tomorrow (Friday) and will be back a week from Saturday. I'll be spending most of this time in Florida, visiting Disney World and enjoying it with my best friend Viriizion. See you all in a week~


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